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Mixed Emotions
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Guarded Room

Out the gate the first adjective is "versatile". This lightly flavored samba will have you reaching for your ballroom shoes.

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Illusion of Love

A great song to add to that mellow playlist.  This is where you have a great 25 songlist to keep you settled while you work.



Like I said...
versatile!!  Selfish is definitely club material.  This one is all sexy heels, hair flips and hip rolls.  Put all your sexy on and be very Selfish with it.

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Take Over

She's diving into the trap genre with Take Over.  Too bad there's a technical glitch - if there's ever a remix I'd like for this one to go first.  

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A strong finish with a catchy lyrical hook.  As a grassroot self published debut LP it's a solid contender.  I look forward to more great music from Artysia.


Artysia is an American independent artist that loves music. She has been writing songs since the age of fourteen and she is recently beginning to polish her sound. Born in Southfield Michigan, but currently resides in the DMV area. Artysia joined the military after her graduation from Huron High School in Ann Arbor.

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